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How Doctors Can Really Cut Costs for Medicare Patient

Do Something Other Than Just Criticize Other Doctors

Does Philadelphia Have Primary Care Deserts?

Why More Study is Needed to Document Access to Care Patterns

Provider Consolidation and Integrated Care

The Latest Research and Analysis

Do Integrated Delivery Systems Deliver on Costs and Quality?

Not As Much As Many People Thought

King v. Burwell 101 - Required Reading

A Syllabus of the Case

A 'Punch List' to Ensure The ACA Delivers For Women

International Women's Day Feature

Dental Coverage on the Marketplaces: an Update

American Dental Association Looks at the Insurance Exchanges

Private Sector Alive and Well in Health Care

Report From an AcademyHealth Panel

Twitter Sentiments and ACA Enrollment

What Twitter Tells Us That Polls Can Not

Penn Smoking Cessation Study Triggers Media Dissemination Blitz
smoking cessation study
Identifies Effective Interventions Using Financial Incentives
primary care mapping

Primary Care Workforce

Primary Care Access Mapped Across Entire City of Philadelphia

Study Finds Ten-Fold Variation in Geographic Availability


Health Policy

King vs. Burwell Through The Lens of Economics

Will the Supreme Court Drop an 'Adverse Selection' Bomb on 34 State Marketplaces?

Apple Watch


How New Apple System May Change Clinical Trial Management

Researcher Kathryn Schmitz's 'Share the Journey' App



The Twitter Opportunities Most Researchers Are Missing

Webinar Emphasizes Tweets as Evidence Dissemination Tool

Sirius radio

Health Policy

Tackling the Tangle of Primary Care Challenges

Wharton/SiriusXM Radio Panel Explores A Key Element of Health Reform

Clinical scholars


New University Consortium to Continue Clinical Scholars Program

Penn, UCLA, Michigan and Yale Reps Hold First Meeting in Philadelphia

Polsky talk

Health Disparities

The ACA's Impact on Minority Health Insurance Disparities

Numbers Show Improvements for Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans

Behavioral Economics panel

Behavioral Economics

Information Void Hampers Behavioral Economics Implementation

Corporate Executive Panel Cites Inaccessibility of Academic Researchers' Insights

CVS changes

Delivery Systems

Morphing CVS Into a Health Care Delivery Company

Chief Medical Officer Provides New Insights in Penn Talk

PPI D.C. event 2014

Delivery Systems

Improving Choice, Competition in Year 2 of ACA Exchanges

Report From Penn Policy Researchers' D.C. Conference

Roybal Retreat14


Penn-CMU Roybal Center Behavioral Economics Retreat

A Multimedia Report on The Presentation Sessions, Researchers' Innovation Tournament and Team Activities

rwjf scholars

Video Interview

RWJF Chief Clarifies Clinical Scholar Program Changes

Will Not Close Down But Will Become 'Very Different'

New senior fellows


Meet LDI's Newest Senior Fellows

Report From The Annual "Speed Dating" Introduction Event

hosital advertising

Medical Ethics

The Controversy Over Hospital Advertising

Happy Feelings vs. Meaningful Data

social media

Research Collaboration

Experiencing The Full Power of Collaboration

A Visiting Health Economics Researcher Reflects on Her Five-Month Research Sojourn at Penn

social media


Social Media 101 for Academic Researchers

Urging Faculty Forward Into The Brave New World of The Twittersphere


Public Health

The Microbiome: Brave New World For Health Tech and Policymaking

New Knowledge Portends Future Changes in Some Areas of Medical Diagnostics, Therapy and Research

Paul Offit

Public Health

Vaccine Scientist Slams Media's 'False Balance'

University of Pennsylvania's Paul Offit Addresses Association of Health Care Journalists

Robert Field


Private Practice Acquisition Frenzy: Is It Good For Health Care?

Insights From an M&A Specialist of the HMO Era

Ezekiel Emanuel

Health Policy

New Ezekiel Emanuel Book Critiques ACA Implementation

Dissects White House's 'Fundamentally Managerial' Mistakes


Health Poliy

2014 AcademyHealth National Health Policy Conference

Articles and Photos From 12-member LDI Team


Human Capital

RWJF To Shut Down National Clinical Scholars Program

The Most Unexpected Buzz at AcademyHealth Conference

mental health

Mental Health

The 'Grand Challenge' of Affordable Care-Era Mental Health Care

Full Integration with Primary Health Care?


Health Research

3 Penn Centers Offer Novel Structure for Interdisciplinary Research

New Program to Function as In-House 'Incubator' for Health-Related Investigators


Health Economics

Big Changes For Hospitals and Medical Device Marketers

A Roundtable Explores Some Stark New Realities

Cancer Care Costs

Health Care Costs

Grappling With The High Price of Cancer Care

Fastest Rising Segment of Health Care Costs

Benjamin Cook

Mental Health

'Unequal Treatment' Persists: Racial Disparities in Mental Health Care

Unchanged a Decade After Landmark IOM Report

PPI forum, Washington

Health Reform Law

The Affordable Care Act's Rocky Road Forward

Penn Experts Outline Challenges at D.C. Forum

innovation tournament

Health Care Innovation

Innovation Tournament Methods Applied to Academic Research

50 Scholars Compete in Fast-Paced Behavioral Economics Idea Pitch; $20,000 Awarded

health insurance exchanges

Health Insurance Exchanges

Federal Agency With Severe Disability: SSDI

Penn Expert Details Causes and Impact of Fiscal Crisis

health insurance exchanges

Health Insurance Exchanges

Penn 'Young Healthies' Evaluate New Health Insurance Exchanges

Critique Barriers to Access, Terminology, Decision Architecture, Look-Alikes

Philadelphia smoking

Population Health

Highest Rate of Smoking Among 10 Biggests U.S. Cities: Philadelphia

But Could Cigarette Taxation Change That?

technology paradox

Health Economics

Turning the Dollar Spigot Down on Health Care Technology

The Only Industry Segment Where Innovation Doesn't Lower Cost

hospital smokers

The Cost of Wellness

Hospitals' Smoker Non-Hiring Debate: An Economic Perspective

Why It Costs Employers Money to Discriminate

Connected Health

Health IT

Report From Penn Medicine's 'Connected Health' Symposium

Inside Health Care's Rapidly Expanding Digital Nervous System

Medicare Advantage


Remembering William Kissick, 1932-2013

A Policy Expert Who Changed Health Care as Well as Penn

Medicare Advantage

Health Economics

Is Medicare Advantage Good for Your Health?

A Closer Look at a New NBER Working Paper

Nicole Lurie

Emergency Medicine

Good News, Bad News: U.S. Health Emergency Response System

HHS Preparedness Chief Notes Recent Successes and Worrisome Budget Cuts


Health Policy

Inside The Boondoggle of Pennsylvania's CHIP Program

Two Grad Students Document a Maze of Obstructions

Oregon Medicaid study

Health Policy

Penn Experts Respond to Oregon Medicaid Study

Health Economists Caution Against Rush to Judgement

world bank

International Health Care

Public vs. Private Funding for Health Care in Developing Countries

World Bank Conference Fuels Debate

Low-value care

Low-Value Care

Identifying Low-Value Care is One Thing; Eliminating it is Quite Another

The Practical Difficulties of Implementing 'Choosing Wisely' Recommendations

Smoking ban

Health Policy

Academics Debate Hospitals' Smoker Hiring Ban

NEJM Publishes Dueling Papers by University of Pennsylvania Scholars

Tom Delbanco

RWJF Capital Blog

Shedding Light on OpenNotes

And a Plea for Help With a Name Change

Academy Health

Health Policy

AcademyHealth National Policy Conference Coverage

11-Member University of Pennsylvania Team's Articles and Photos

Donald Berwick

Health Policy

From Medicare Policy to Massachusetts Governor?

Donald Berwick Explores Gubernatorial Run; Cites ACA Weaknesses

nurse practitioners

Workforce Issues

Full-License Use of Nurse Practitioners Continues to Expand

Unsupervised Role Broadens as State Legislatures Eye Physician Shortage and Lower Costs

research policy

Implementation Science

Facing What May be Health Reform's Ultimate Challenge

The Gap Separating Evidence From The Policy Makers Who Need It

nurse practitioners

Health Care Innovation

Personalized Medicine: The Promise and Perils

The Science and Economics Get Increasingly Complicated

lisa rosenbaum

Patient Engagement

Digitizing The Doctor-Patient Relationship

Does Our Rush Threaten Something Fundamental to Medicine?

health care innovation

Health Care Innovation

The Burgeoning Literature of Health Care Innovation

A Compilation of The Latest Information Sources

Eugene Kroch

Accountable Care

Hospital ACO Readiness Study Finds Widespread Unreadiness

'Sobering' Results Cited by Research Team

workforce group

Workforce Issues

Expanding Primary Care: Can The Existing Workforce Do It?

A Penn Research Group Roundtable Discussion


Health Economics

A Deeper Dive Into Health Costs Data

An "Eye on the Literature" Feature

Innovation Center

Reinventing Health Care

Inside Penn Medicine's Innovation Center

A Roundtable Discussion of Innovation Managers

Pauly book

Health Insurance

Insurance & Behavioral Economics: How Buyers, Sellers Get It Wrong

Penn Professors' New Book Chronicles Industry Anomalies


Health Insurance Exchanges

Dissecting The Health Insurance Exchanges

A Penn Research Group Burrows Into the Complexity

Eye on 1

Medicaid Expansion

How Far Can The ACA Reduce Health Care Disparities?

A New 'Eye on The Literature' Feature

Elderly women

Health Disparities

Near-Elderly Women and a New Medicaid Disparity

Many Will be Left Out as States Thwart Program Expansions

SCOTUS panel

Health Policy

Insurance, Health Care and The SCOTUS Decision

A Panel of Penn Health Policy Experts Looks Ahead

Ralph Muller SCOTUS

Health Policy

Health Care's Challenges Beyond the SCOTUS Ruling

University of Pennyslvania Health System Chief Ralph Muller Weighs In

sumr program


Inside Penn's Pipeline for Minority Health Care Research Students

A Summer Reality Experience in Disparities and Health Services Scholarship

Ezekiel Emanuel

Health Policy

Ezekiel Emanuel: How 'Pushback' Shaped White House ACO Rules

Brief VIDEO of Comments From a Behavioral Economics Symposium

David Mandell autism

Health Insurance

The ACA's 50-State 'Essential Health Benefits' Tangle

Autism Advocates Wary of Losing Hard-Won Coverage

rob burns medical devices

Researcher Profile: Lawton Burns

Penn Author Outlines Challenges to Medical Device Innovation

Reticent Surgeons, Sunshine Laws and Shifting 'Love Triangles'

Health Cost Forum

Cost Control

The Healthcare Spending Crisis Beyond The Supreme Court Ruling

Health Economics Forum Focuses on Cost Controls

Health insurance

Healthcare Innovation

Once a Taboo, Exercise Becomes Post-Cancer-Surgery Rehab Tool

How Researchers Literally Rowed Past Traditional Medical Wisdom

physician income

Reform Economics

Physician Income in The New Age of Health Reform Frugality

A University of Pennsylvania Roundtable Discussion

Health insurance

Health Insurance

What Kind of Health Insurance Do Health Economists Buy?

Four of Them Discuss Their Choices and Reasons

Karen Glanz

Video Feature: Obesity Epidemic

Supermarkets and Obesity

University Researchers Explore Methods for In-Store Demarketing of Unhealthy Foods


Health Reform Law

Understanding The Individual Mandate's SCOTUS Pivot Points

Justices Ponder Adverse Selection, A Potential 'Death Spiral' and Severability



Beyond Nurse-to-Patient Ratios

Emerging Research Consensus Eyes a More Complex Set of Variables


Health Care Reform

Penn Health Care Analysts Critique a PBS Documentary

Is 'U.S. Health Care: The Good News' Really That Good?


Emergency Medicine

The AED: Medical Marvel, Measurement Mystery

Lack of Data Gathering Impedes Broader and More Effective Use of a Life-Saving Device



Lowering Premature-Infant Blindness Risk

Study Explores a Promising New Telemedicine Paradigm


Health Insurance

Making Sense of New Medical Loss Ratio Rules

What It Really Means to Insurers and Consumers


Healthcare Payment Systems

Meet The Architect of Vermont's Single-Payer Plan

Harvard's William Hsiao Zigs as Rest of Health Care Zags

trauma care

Video Feature: Emergency Services

Tracking The 'Golden Hour' of Trauma Care

Interactive Mapping Project Provides New Insights


Health on Capitol Hill

Unspinning the 2009-10 Health Reform Public Opinion Polls

Research Team Faults Press for Inaccurate Interpretation and Reports


Health Research Funding

Arlen Specter: Are Universities Doing Enough to Support NIH Funding?

Says Cuts 'Cause Us to Lose a Generation of Scientists'


Electromagnetic Fields

Dialing Up The Cellphones-and-Cancer Controversy

Views of a Danish Researcher


Underserved Communities

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Why the Foreclosure Crisis is a Health Crisis

Jim McDermott

Health on Capitol Hill

The Growing Ruckus Over the RUC and Medicare Fees

Little-Known Rate-Setting Physicians' Panel Draws Sharp Criticism

Jeffrey Silber

Aggressive Hospital Care

AcademyHealth Honors Research Papers Challenging 'Aggressive' Hospital Assumptions

Contradict Previous Claims About Cost and Care Quality

Art Caplan

Infectious Disease

Bioethicist Faults Media for Vaccine Reporting Distortions

Urges Health Community to Push Back Harder Against Anti-Vaccination Activists

Neal Nathanson

Global Health

Global Health Care: Easy to Promise; Difficult to Achieve

Defining a University's Role

Zack Meisel

Video Feature: Emergency Medicine

Impose Further Limits on Emergency Room Access?

States' Latest Cost-Cutting Proposals Spark Debate

Mitesh Patel

Medical Education

The Health-Economics Teaching Gap in Med Schools

Many Students Feel Unprepared For the Business Side of Health Reform Medicine

Brian Elbel

Fast Food and Obesity

The FDA Rolls Out Menu-Labeling Rules: But Does It Really Work?

Initial Analyses Find Little Impact on Fast Food Choices

Ezekiel Emanuel


NIH Ethics Chief: Conflict of Interest Rules Go Too Far

Ezekiel Emanuel Calls for New Thinking About Scholarship and Corporate Enterprise

NIH Cuts

Capitol Hill Policy Makers

Congressional Budget Office Eyes Health Research, Teaching Cuts

Targets NIH, The Largest Provider of Academic Grants

Michael Chernew

Health Reform

The New Medicaid: Expanded Eligibility, Less Care?

Harvard's Michael Chernew Fears 'Hollowed Out' State Programs

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